State-of-the-Art Aluminium Floating Marina Engineering
with Elegance

Crafting Marinas of Tomorrow, Today


Discover the Aluminium Floating Marina, a pinnacle of nautical engineering that aligns perfectly with international marina building guidelines. Featuring cutting-edge pontoon technology, our marinas are crafted from high-grade aluminium frames combined with durable composite decking. Each structure showcases advanced design principles, ensuring compliance, stability, and longevity. Embrace the future of marine architecture with our Aluminium Floating Marina, where sophistication meets advanced marine technology.

Technical Details

Pontoon Type

Aluminium Frames, Composite Decking


LDPE Encapsulated Polystyrene


Stainless Steel 316 Grade


Aluminium Alloy 6082 T5/T6 Grade

Decking Material

Plastic & Wood Composite Planks


PVC D-shaped

Reserve Buoyancy

Minimum 25% under design load

Anchoring System

Dead weight and chain

Anchoring Chain

Galvanised, length as required

Why Choose Our Aluminium Floating Marina

Key Features

Detailed explanation of each feature, such as:

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