Jet Ski

Jet Ski

Feel the Adventure on Jet ski

ECHT marine’s jet ski is a great choice for those who are adventure lovers and wish to take their fun to next level.


Experience the adventure and thrill

Best Quality

We use Polytec Gen II material which is best in the industry because

Great Safety Features

The safety features of Jets ski are the best as we use an electronic break and reverse.

High Power

We use the best motor which wil never stop thrill as we use Rotak 130 HP 1630CC

Carrying Capacity

Go on an adventure with your friend as 3 people can comfortably sit on our Jet Ski


Feel the thrill through stills

Boats Skills

ECHT is where adrenaline rush happens

Know your Jet Ski so that you can feel the adrenaline rush flowing in your adventurous body

Boat Design and Engineering
Quality Manufacturing
Customization and Personalization
After-Sales Support
The Process to buy

Flow to buy your Jet Ski

Fill out the contact form

Fill out the contact form providing all the necessary details

We will reach out to you

We will reach out to you to know your preferences.

We will manufacture

We will manufacture the Jet Ski according to your needs

Deliver the boat

We will deliver your Jet Ski to you & now you are ready to feel the speed