Our Premium Floating Jetty Collection

Innovation and Durability at the Water’s Edge.


Discover the versatility and innovation of Floating Jetties by ECHT Marine, the MADE IN INDIA brand synonymous with quality and durability. Our modular Floating Polyethylene docks, easily installed, dismantled, and stowed, redefine marine infrastructure. Each configuration, from four cubes bolted together, forms a square meter, perfect for various applications like boat docking, floating bridges, swimming pools, fish farms, water sports arenas, and floating stages. Embrace the future of marine activities with ECHT Marine’s superior floating solutions.


Our Impressive Range of Floating Jetties

HDPE Floating Docks

List features such as UV resistance, low maintenance, and modular design.

LLDPE Super Modular Docks

Emphasize the eco-friendly material, flexibility in design, and resistance to impact.

Jetski Drive On Dock

Detail the anti-slip surface, customized berthing options, and quick assembly.

Aluminium Floating Marina

Note the high load capacity, corrosion resistance, and adaptability to various waterfronts.

Pontoon 12 seater

Compact 12-seater pontoon: ideal for intimate, leisurely on-water gatherings.

Pontoon ferry 30 seater

Spacious pontoon ferry: accommodating up to 30 passengers for journeys.

Steel Pontoon Boats

Robust and Reliable – The ECHT Steel Pontoon Experience

Why Choose ECHT Marine Floating Jetties?

Unmatched Quality and Durability

“Made in India” assurance of premium craftsmanship.

Modular Versatility

Easily configured for diverse marine applications.

Easy Finance Facility

Accessible financial services, tailored for your convenience

Innovative Design

Redefining marine infrastructure with advanced technology.

Simple Installation and Storage

Effortless assembly and dismantling, user-friendly design.

Customized Options

Find your perfect match from our diverse floating solution.

Transform Your Waterfront