Rapid Medical Response on Water
ECHT Marine's Advanced Boat Ambulance

Combining Speed, Safety, and Medical Excellence in Maritime Emergencies.

Innovative Marine Medical Solutions for Critical Situations

In the critical realm of maritime emergencies, timely medical response is a matter of life and death. ECHT Marine’s Boat Ambulance emerges as a beacon of hope, uniquely designed to navigate these challenges. It represents a crucial link in the chain of survival, ensuring that medical aid reaches those in need, regardless of their location at sea.

Our Boat Ambulance is equipped with an extensive array of medical equipment, including state-of-the-art stretchers, oxygen systems, and a defibrillator. This comprehensive setup ensures that a wide range of medical emergencies can be handled efficiently, even in the most remote maritime locations. The boat’s design incorporates spacious interiors to facilitate easy movement and operation of medical personnel and equipment.

Technical Specifications


9 meters


3.0 meters

Carrying Capacity

1300 Kgs


Twin 200 HP OBM

Steering System

Hydraulic Steering System

Hull Material

AL 5052

Structure Material Grade



CE Certified

Seating Capacity

8 Persons

Medical Equipment

Main Stretcher ES-120 x2, Chair Stretcher, Oxygen System (2x10lt Complete set), Vacuum Stretcher, Scoop Stretcher, Spine Board, Wall Type Sphygmomanometer, Portable Type Sphygmomanometer, Diagnostic Set, Air Splint Set, Disposable Materials, Portable Vacuum Aspirator, I.V. Holder x2, Stethoscope x2, Corpse Bag x2, Traction Splint Set, Body Splint (KED), Transport Ventilator (Easy), Defibrillator (XD-300), Complete Emergency Kit (Rucksack), First Aid Kit, Burn Set, Birth Set, Cervical Collar Set (Nec Loc), Head Immobilizer.

Key Features

Elevate Your Emergency Response Capabilities

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