Assam Tourism Development Corporation

Integrating a comprehensive water recreation system at Dighalipukhuri Lake

Assam Tourism Development Corporation

The Assam Tourism Development Corporation partnered with us to transform Dighalipukhuri Lake in Guwahati into a vibrant and engaging water recreation destination. Our objective was to create an inclusive setup that would cater to both adventure seekers and those looking for a relaxing experience, thereby boosting tourism and local engagement.
Our Products

Product We Provided

Adult & Kids Bumper Boat

We provided a fleet of bumper boats for both adults and kids, offering an exciting and interactive way to navigate the lake while enjoying some friendly competition and splashing fun.

Kids Padle Boat

These easy-to-use pedal boats are perfect for young adventurers, allowing them to safely explore the lake while enjoying a sense of independence.

Aqua Cycle

Our stable and fun aqua cycles let guests pedal across the lake, offering a leisurely and engaging way to enjoy the water while getting a bit of exercise.

Aqua Roller

The inflatable aqua rollers provide a unique experience, letting guests walk, run, or tumble on the water, adding a playful element to their visit.


For those who prefer a more traditional water activity, we supplied kayaks, enabling guests to paddle through the serene waters and appreciate the natural beauty of Dighalipukhuri Lake.

Water Bike

Our water bikes offer an eco-friendly and exciting way to explore the lake, combining the fun of biking with the thrill of water sports.

Speed Boat

Speed boats are available for thrill-seekers looking for an exhilarating ride across the lake, offering high-speed adventures and memorable experiences.

Jet Ski

Guests can enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding jet skis, exploring the lake at high speeds and performing thrilling maneuvers.

Fly Board

For those seeking an extreme water sport experience, we provided fly boards. These thrilling devices allow guests to soar above the water, performing acrobatic stunts and enjoying an adrenaline-pumping ride.

Pontoon Boat

Ideal for relaxed cruising, our pontoon boats provide a comfortable and scenic way to explore the lake with family and friends, making it perfect for social gatherings and leisurely rides.

House Boat

We introduced a houseboat that offers a unique and tranquil stay on the water, featuring spacious interiors and modern amenities for a comfortable and scenic experience.

Zorbing Ball

Guests can experience the thrill of walking on water inside our transparent zorbing balls, perfect for both kids and adults.

Floating Restaurant and Bar

o enhance the dining experience, we provided a floating restaurant and bar. This innovative setup allows guests to enjoy delicious meals and refreshing drinks while taking in panoramic views of the lake, creating a unique culinary experience.

The comprehensive setup at Dighalipukhuri Lake has significantly revitalized the area, turning it into a major attraction for both locals and tourists. The wide range of water activities has enhanced the recreational options available, making the lake a hub of excitement and relaxation. This project has not only boosted tourism but also contributed to the local economy by creating new job opportunities and supporting local businesses.