Indian Army

Strengthening Operational Capabilities with Advanced Marine Infrastructure

Indian Army

The Indian Army partnered with us to enhance their water-based operational capabilities through the provision of specialized marine infrastructure. The objective was to support rescue missions, improve waterway access, and ensure the safe and efficient deployment of personnel and equipment.
Our Products

Product We Provided

Rescue Boats

We supplied state-of-the-art rescue boats equipped with the latest safety and navigation features. These boats are designed for swift and reliable performance in emergency situations, ensuring the safety of personnel and efficient rescue operations. They are constructed with durable materials to withstand harsh conditions and provide long-term service.


We designed and installed robust jettys that serve as stable platforms for boarding and disembarking. These jettys are built to accommodate heavy loads and are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring reliability and safety. They provide essential support for various water operations, facilitating seamless transitions between land and water.

Floating Docks

Our floating docks offer flexible and versatile docking solutions that can be easily adjusted to different water levels. These docks are constructed with high-quality materials to ensure stability and durability. They provide secure mooring for boats and other watercraft, enhancing the operational efficiency of the Indian Army’s water-based activities.
The implementation of rescue boats, jettys, and floating docks has significantly bolstered the Indian Army’s capabilities in water operations. These advanced infrastructure solutions ensure that the army can conduct rescue missions efficiently, maintain secure and stable access to watercraft, and operate effectively in various water environments. This collaboration has not only improved operational readiness but also enhanced the safety and reliability of water-based missions.