JTDC, Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation Limited

Enhancing Jharkhand’s Tourism Experience with Water Adventures

JTDC, Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation Limited

The Jharkhand Tourism Development Corporation Limited (JTDC) partnered with us to elevate their tourism offerings by introducing a range of water sports activities. Recognizing the growing interest in adventure tourism, JTDC aimed to attract more tourists to Jharkhand’s picturesque lakes and rivers.

Our Products

Product We Provided

Jet Skis

We provided high-performance jet skis, ensuring tourists have an exhilarating experience on the water. These jet skis are designed for both beginners and experienced riders, offering safety and excitement in equal measure.


For those who prefer a more serene and nature-centric adventure, we supplied a fleet of kayaks. These lightweight and stable kayaks are perfect for exploring the tranquil waters and enjoying Jharkhand’s natural beauty.

Rescue Boats:

Safety is paramount in any adventure activity. To ensure the utmost safety for all participants, we delivered state-of-the-art rescue boats. These boats are equipped with the latest rescue and safety equipment, ready to respond swiftly in case of any emergency.


Our equipment has significantly boosted the tourism sector in Jharkhand, attracting adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The introduction of these water sports activities has not only diversified the tourism offerings but also contributed to the local economy by creating new job opportunities.