MAYFAIR Lake Resort

Transforming Lakeside Recreation with Exciting Water Attractions

MAYFAIR Lake Resort

MAYFAIR Lake Resort, Raipur, a luxurious resort known for its serene environment and exceptional amenities, collaborated with us to transform their lakeside offerings into a vibrant hub of water-based activities. Our goal was to enhance their guests’ experience by introducing a variety of fun and engaging water attractions suitable for all ages.

Our Products

Product We Provided

Wooden House Boat

We provided an elegant wooden house boat that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern comforts. This house boat offers guests a unique and tranquil stay on the lake, featuring spacious interiors, cozy accommodations, and scenic views.

Adult & Kids Bumper Boat

Our bumper boats are a hit among guests of all ages, offering a fun and interactive way to navigate the water while bumping and splashing around.

Kids Pedal Boat

These easy-to-operate boats allow kids to enjoy paddling around the lake safely, giving them a sense of independence and adventure.

Aqua Cycle

Guests can pedal across the water on our stable and fun aqua cycles, which provide both a leisurely ride and a good workout.

Aqua Roller

This inflatable roller lets guests walk, run, or tumble on water, providing a unique and entertaining experience.


For those who enjoy more traditional water activities, we provided kayaks that allow guests to explore the lake at their own pace, enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings.

Water Bike

Our water bikes offer a fun and eco-friendly way to glide across the water, combining cycling with a refreshing water adventure.

Zorbing Ball

Guests can experience the thrill of walking on water inside our transparent zorbing balls, perfect for both kids and adults.

Speed Boat

Our speed boats offer exhilarating rides across the lake, perfect for thrill-seekers looking for a high-speed adventure.

Jet Ski

Guests can enjoy the adrenaline rush of riding jet skis, exploring the lake at high speeds and performing exciting maneuvers.

Pontoon Boat

Ideal for relaxed cruising, our pontoon boats offer a comfortable and scenic way to explore the lake with family and friends.

Fly Board

For those seeking an extreme water sport experience, we provided fly boards. These thrilling devices allow guests to soar above the water, performing acrobatic stunts and enjoying an adrenaline-pumping ride.

The comprehensive range of water attractions provided to MAYFAIR Lake Resort has significantly enhanced their recreational offerings, making the resort a top destination for families and adventure enthusiasts. These additions have not only boosted guest satisfaction but also increased the resort’s appeal, attracting more visitors and enhancing their overall experience.