Odisha Tourism Development Corporation

Enhancing Odisha’s Coastal Attractions with Unique Floating Structures

Odisha Tourism Development Corporation

Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) sought our expertise to enhance their coastal attractions by introducing innovative and captivating structures. Understanding the allure of Odisha’s scenic coastline, we aimed to create unique experiences that would attract more tourists and enrich their visits.
Our Products

Product We Provided

Floating Glass Restaurant Deck

We designed and installed a floating glass restaurant deck, offering diners an unparalleled experience. This innovative structure features a transparent floor, allowing guests to enjoy breathtaking underwater views while savoring their meals. The deck’s modern design and sturdy construction ensure safety and comfort, creating a memorable dining experience right on the water.

Wooden Bar Shack Deck

Complementing the floating restaurant, we also provided a charming wooden bar shack deck. This rustic yet elegant structure offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy their favorite beverages. Built with high-quality wood and designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, the bar shack deck provides a perfect spot for relaxation and socializing.
The introduction of the floating glass restaurant deck and the wooden bar shack deck has significantly elevated Odisha’s coastal tourism appeal. These unique attractions have not only drawn more visitors but also offered them novel experiences that blend luxury with nature. By enhancing the coastal offerings, OTDC has successfully positioned Odisha as a premier destination for tourists seeking both adventure and tranquility.