Advanced Protection with Our State-of-the-Art Fire Fighting Boat

Rapid Response, Unmatched Efficiency in Maritime Safety.

Ensuring Maritime Safety with Precision and Power

In the critical moments of a maritime emergency, rapid response and robust fire-fighting capacity are essential. Our state-of-the-art Fire Fighting Boat is engineered to meet these challenges head-on, offering unmatched efficiency and reliability in protecting lives and property at sea. Equipped with a high-capacity submersible electric pump system and multiple water hoses, including two fixed and two movable options, our Fire Fighting Boat ensures precise and effective dousing of fires, even in the most challenging conditions.

Technical Specifications


8.6 meters


3.2 meters

Weight Carrying Capacity

3000 Kgs


Twin 115HP OBM

Steering System

Hydraulic Steering System

Hull Material

AL 5052

Structure Material Grade



CE Certified

Seating Capacity

10 Persons

Fire Fighting Equipment

Submersible electric pump, 2 fixed and 2 movable hoses


Grooved and Polished Hard Wood Finger Joint Plank

Key Features

Enhance Your Maritime Emergency Response

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