Strength and Versatility Redefined
LLDPE Super Modular Docks

Engineering Excellence on Water


Introducing the LLDPE Super Modular Docks, a testament to innovative marine design. Engineered for high load capacity, these docks stand resilient against harsh environmental factors. Crafted from robust Linear Low-Density Polyethylene, they offer an unparalleled blend of strength and adaptability. Each module is a marvel of modern engineering, ensuring superior performance and durability in diverse aquatic environments. Embrace innovation with our LLDPE Super Modular Docks.

Technical Details

Module Dimensions

3M x 2M x 400MM

Fasteners and Bolts

High-strength for shape retention

Module Weight

Min 200 kgs

Load Capacity

1.2 Tons (half submersion), 2 Tons (full submersion)


Rotomoulded LLDPE, UV stabilized, slip-resistant

Impact Resistance

Extremely High, 3kpa live load (AS 3962)

Temperature Resistance

-10C to +60C air temperature


CE Certified



Why Choose Our LLDPE Super Modular Docks

Key Features

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