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Discover ECHT Marine’s range of premium pontoon boats for sale and rental in India. Explore prices and find the perfect pontoon boat manufactured with excellence. Founded on a passion for water exploration, ECHT Marine has established itself as a premier name in pontoon boat manufacturing and sale in India. Our journey began with a simple mission: to create pontoons that blend functionality with luxury, ensuring every journey is memorable.


Our Impressive Range of Pontoon Boats for Sale

Pool Party Pontoon Boat

Luxurious pontoon boat featuring onboard pool for ultimate aquatic relaxation.

Luxury Pontoon Boats

Elegance on water, spacious sophistication Grandeur at Sea

Cruise Pontoon Boats

Your compact cruiser, perfect for family adventures, ultimate group getaway

Pontoon BBQ Boat

Perfect for on-water grilling and leisurely gatherings.

Pontoon 12 seater

Compact 12-seater pontoon: ideal for intimate, leisurely on-water gatherings.

Pontoon ferry 30 seater

Spacious pontoon ferry: accommodating up to 30 passengers for journeys.

Steel Pontoon Boats

Robust and Reliable – The ECHT Steel Pontoon Experience

Why Choose ECHT Marine?

India's Premier Boat Manufacturer

Leading the wave in Boat Manufacturing with quality and craftsmanship.

Innovate Technology

Best in-class technology

Easy Finance Facility

Accessible financial services, tailored for your convenience

Safety First

Equipped with GPS, and life jackets.

AMC Excellence

Ensure lasting performance with our top-tier Annual Maintenance.

Customized Options

Find your perfect match from our diverse fleet.

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