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The Standard Speed Boat

Compact, Powerful, Unmatched

Your Gateway to Marine Adventures

A marvel of marine engineering, crafted to elevate your on-water experiences with unmatched agility and performance. At its core, a durable marine-grade aluminium hull promises longevity and resilience, making it a steadfast companion for all your nautical adventures. Designed thoughtfully to seat six passengers comfortably, this vessel boasts an impressive load-bearing capacity, seamlessly blending speed with comfort. With dimensions meticulously planned to enhance its sleek form, the 4.75m length and 1.75m width ensure optimal space utilization, providing both agility and stability on the water. Powered by a robust 40 HP outboard motor and equipped with an advanced steering system, the Standard Speed Boat is your gateway to exploring the vast blue, whether you’re after leisurely day trips or the thrill of slicing through the waves at high speeds.

Technical Specifications

Hull Material

Marine Grade Aluminium


6 Seater


4.75 m


1.75 m


240 kgs


1800 kgs

OBM Capacity

40 HP

Steering System

Mechanical / Hydraulic

Why Choose Our Standard Speed Boat

Standard Speed Boat

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