Revolutionize Waterway Maintenance with Our
Advanced Weed Harvesting Boat

Efficient, Eco-Friendly, and Engineered for Precision.

Navigate Narrow Waterways with Ease

Maintaining the health and navigability of water bodies is crucial, yet often challenging due to the rapid growth of aquatic weeds. Our Weed Harvesting Boat is designed to tackle this challenge head-on, offering an efficient and environmentally-friendly solution. Equipped with a state-of-the-art weed designed trimming and collection system, our boat ensures thorough and effective weed removal, preserving the natural balance of your waterways.

Technical Specifications


4.75 meters


2.10 meters

Hull Material

AL 5052

Structure Material Grade



Grooved and Polished Hard Wood Finger Joint Plank


CE Certified

Unique Features

Weed designed trimming and collection system, Ideal for narrow and shallow waters

Key Features

Transform Your Waterway Maintenance

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